About Us

It's a really great feeling that you are interested about us. And to say frankly, it is our dream project to make a site about translating non-bengali comics in our heart's language. There are tons of Western and European comics but only a few of them are published in Bengali. Apart from some publishers, none are interested in this matter. But that does not quench our thirst for comics. Of course there are bengali comics, but they are few and we still feel hungry for comics. As a result, I, Banglamax (loves to use this net Username since 2005) along with my academic mate Saradindu, build this platform to share our fan translated comics in bengali. All these comics are translated without proper permission from these comics' original copyright owner and hence both of us cedes the right for bengali translated texts to the legitimate copyright holder or its licencee to do as they please.

For any type of enquiry, If you like, Please mail to banglamax [at] gmail.com

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