Terms and Conditions

In order to use the services provided by "মুগ্ধবাংলা ", your eligibility criteria is just to obey these Rules heart and soul. Your any action that is against our Rules may lead to the termination of your account. Please read carefully :-

1. Only ONE ACCOUNT per user is allowed. Do not try to make more than one account. If Detected, all your accounts will be banned for sure.

2. Recently, we don't accept New User Registration without Facebook Verification. So, to get a user account, you must have a Facebook Account with at least 6 Months old. Otherwise, your account will be banned for sure.

3. Do not share contents Shared in this site unless you are the creator or translator of that content. If we found you guilty for sharing mugdhobangla contents elsewhere, your account will be banned!
Edit:From Now on, any Mugdhobangla Content, if found shared elsewhere, strict action will be taken. If a content, that may be read by you online and/or downloaded by you from here, is shared through any media other than mugdhobangla, we have the right to ban you or all of you who have access it regardless of whether you are normal user or paid user.

4. Do not show your bad intension to any of Mugdhobangla users while making comments or posts or messages. If, at any time, we detect your bad intensions to other user, your account will be banned. So comment cautiously, use lucid language. Its better to stay off from any kind of arguments.

5. The main purpose of mugdhobangla is to increase the archive of foreign comics in Bengali. Doing this is very hard work and all contents that is on mugdhobangla is an outcome of that hard work. So, your duty is to encourage the original translator or creator with comment. So we have decided to force you in doing comment on each of the contents shared on this site. Users who have got contents but reluctant to make a comment or make brief comments will be watched and may be banned in future.
Edit: We are not their proper copyright holder, also we do not claim for it. But until they object us for this Fan translation, these are our solemnly property and you have no right to share it even with your friend. If you have read it or downloaded it with or without paying us, that does not gives you the sharing right.

6. Whenever you want to register at Mugdhobangla, we verify your account with Facebook and during this process we only collect your Facebook User-ID, Primary Email and Your Full name using at that time provided by The Facebook. We only use this data in order to detect an Unique User at this site as we do not allow Multi-Account of a single user. This Data is neither used at this site or any other site publicly, only you, not others can see this at this site in Profile section of your Mugdhobangla account. You may know that with one Facebook account, you can create only one Facebook User-ID while using facebook login of a site. As a result no user can create a second account with that Facebook ID. At any time, if you want that your facebook Data is required to be deleted form this site, feel free to raise an account deletion request via Personal Message(PM) and we are ready to delete your data from our Database.

7. From now on, we are restricting on giving Daily Login Bonus Credit on our site as we have noticed that many users have too much credits in their account but are reluctant to download. If you are not interested in downloading ebooks from this site, then why are you collecting credits? Users having less than 500 credits in their account will get Daily Login Bonus from now.

At any point, if you feel you no longer able to obey these Rules, Please discontinue using this service. Your account will automatically deactivated after a certain period. Thank you for reading this boaring rules! Have a Goodday!

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